I became a painter organically, so I always wait for my painting to grow organically. I was only ten years old when my father brought home a brand new oil painting set and gave it to me. I have been a painter ever since but I kept this inside myself. After all sorts of things happened in the earlier years of my life, one day I realised that I must paint. Just as I always trusted that my life is a gift, I received this opportunity to paint as a gift.

I observe, watch, listen and feel to prepare for my painting. Colours, shapes and composition play a big part in my painting. I also care for the subject matter and the stories behind it. Life is so fascinating and there is so much to observe. After so many layers of colours and making many changes I never know whether it is a good painting or not but I feel whether it is right or not.

Japanese people love blossom and use blossom as metaphor. Oh, you are blossoming! Or, not blossoming yet. This means either one is fulfilling one's ability or one has not yet discovered one's potential. I watch my painting blossom, which is to do with me looking after the tree. I wait for the right time to blossom or the right soil to blossom. It is a natural process of making a work of art.

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